What reviews for Lexatrade are worth knowing?

This article is another in our series on online brokers, we dedicate our opinions to Lexatrade – and we will present the investment opportunities and principles that guide this service. Lexatrade has been operating in the financial market for several years and is also part of Swissone, an international investment leader. Lexartade offers trading in currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities and securities. The possibilities and conditions vary depending on your account, but rather on the amount of the deposit made there. Based on your experience and feedback about Lexatrade, there is a professional, reliable service offering many possibilities. Lexatrade’s website is very intuitive, easy to browse, does not freeze and above all contains all the necessary information about Lexatrade. Many investors, when asked for their opinions on Lexatrade, say that the Lexatrade website is one of the best whiting platforms in the broker industry in Poland. As far as investments are concerned, traders here have a choice of as many as five types of accounts, which differ primarily in the value of the minimum deposit and, consequently, in their options. You can open an account by depositing as much as $250, which also includes receiving a welcome bonus of up to 30% and training in the operation of the WEB platform. So let’s take a closer look at lexatrade information: trading opportunities and account types. 

what reviews for lexatrade are worth knowing?

Information about Lexatrade – Investment Accounts

As we have already mentioned, Lexatrade has an exceptionally well-organized, professional website, https://lexatrade.com/pl/, which is the source of these most important and reliable information about Lexatrade. You will also find answers to all the questions you probably have before the investment, plus the most important information about Lexatrade about the offer, the types of accounts.  As many as five favourable accounts are waiting for investors, and their terms and conditions depend on the value of the deposit. –>Start – deposit from $250. This account gives you the opportunity to trade currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, along with basic training in the operation of the WEB platform. Silver – deposit from 3000 dollars. In addition, trading in currency pairs, cryptocurrencies and commodities. From this level, the investor gains the opportunity to consult his trades with financial analyst Lexatrade.Gold – a deposit worth from 10,000 dollars. Statistically the most popular account by investors, due to the rich offer and opportunities to trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities and securities. Platinum – deposit from $50,000. Here, investors can enjoy a full investment offer, plus more training and a high payout priority. VIP – the most prestigious and comprehensive account. Deposit from $100,000. Among other things, it gives you the opportunity to actively participate in trading academies or conferences. what reviews for lexatrade are worth knowing? Lexatrade trades take place through the modern, well-known metatrader 4 platform. This platform allows stock trading activities directly from your computer browser, it is very fast and easy to use. On the website, in addition to information about accounts or platform, you will also find information about lexatrade representatives – the best analysts of the team, as well as about current economic events, market analysis or affiliate program. The latter is a proposal of the company addressed to all interested parties; for both individual investors and companies, consisting in actively encouraging new investors to invest in the service, in exchange for a number of attractive prizes and bonuses.

Lexatrade before desearch

Before you register on the website, you will be required to read and accept several documents, such as the User Agreement, Privacy Policy, or Possible Risks. These and additional documents can be found on the page in the Information tab. One of the most important the information that can be found there includes provisions that in order to register on the site you must be at least 18 years old, one user can open only one account, and the money entered into the system must come from legitimate sources. In order to verify this information and prevent possible attempts to deceive, in accordance with European law (AML regulation), Lexatrade requires that you provide: Passport scan,Scan of the account, which shows the personal data and address of the user (or other confirmation of the address no older than three months from the date of registration), a scan of the credit card with the holder’s name visible (you need to cover part of the card number and CVC number, you will receive accurate guidelines during registration). It is investors who are largely responsible for the company’s image, which is why Lexatrade wants to make sure it is dealing with honest traders. 

Lexatrade opposing

Traders sometimes fall victim to scams related to investments or cryptocurrencies themselves. How to protect yourself from this? Lexatrade strongly recommends first and foremost vigilance and common sense; it talks about not providing information about your transactions or accounts to third parties, even what you boast about on Facebook can be used against you by online scammers. Lexatrade advises you to always double-check who you are dealing with. Analysts contact you through official communication channels, have emails with a professional domain and will never ask you for your password. Also, remember that to ensure the highest security, Lexatrade has secured the website with SSL-certified encryption. It is your responsibility, in turn, to protect against data leakage of your computer. We recommend that you regularly check for updates to your antivirus program and be wary of downloaded links and files. Be especially careful when visiting all kinds of investment and cryptocurrency forums, which, in addition to great advice and the opinions of reliable investors, are full of scammers trying to extort data and steal your money.