Vforce trading strategy

This strategy with confidence belongs to the category – profitable forex strategies, was created by traders for traders and has been successfully used for several years. It is based on the principle of breakdown of levels and following the trend. There is only one pair to trade here – EURUSD. Timeframe’s the only one too, the M15. There are no restrictions on trade time. The basis for the breakdown levels is the specially designed vForceAlerts indicator. This indicator takes into account the readings of eight standard MetaTrader indicators and gives signals in the form of blue, red and green candlesticks. For successful work on this system you need at least minimal knowledge of candlestick analysisOn the chart of the Vforce strategy, dark blue candlestick signal about buying, and red candlestick signal about selling. Green candles confirm movement. They appear if this candle closes above or below the signal candle. After the blue candlestick appears and closes, the Buystop order is placed at the level of 10 points above the maximum of this candlestick. The stoploss is set at the minimum of the signal candle. If the order has not triggered after four candlesticks, it is removed. If a green candle appears after that, the order is restored at the same level. In case the order triggers, 80% of the position is closed with Take Profit of 20 pips, and for the rest of the volume the trailing stop is activated. Trailing stop can be set automatically using the Forex Trailingator advisor. Usually the trailing stop value is set from 20 to 50 points. You can also place two orders of 1 and 4 conditional lotsThe rules for sales are the same. When a red candlestick appears, the pending order of the Walltorn is placed at 10 points below the minimum of this candlestick. The stoploss is set 10 points above the maximum of the signal candlestick. The same methodology as for purchases is used to make a profitIn the candle analysis system, reversal candles are highlighted. One of those candles is the Pinbar. It has long tails. There are other candles like that. If such a candle appears, it is better not to enter the market.There are situations when a new signal candlestick appears after the first Take Profit and an open 20% order, then a new order should be placed by 80%. That way, you can get the most out of the movement.Download system files