USDJPY, preparation for possible turn down

Daily chart: The fourth in a row bar outside the top envelope of the Bollinger is an important feature of a possible transition to downward correction. However, the bullish potential is still preserved, so before turning buyers may well update the extremum.

N4 : The possible goal of the bulls is 118.86 (the upper strip of the Bollinger). From this zone, we can consider sales based on the turn of the trend at least to 117.79.

H1 : The intraday potential of the ADX indicator is extremely small, Therefore, the volatility today is unlikely to exceed 55 points (the range of Bollinger envelopes 117.94-118.49).

Conclusions: Flet in the range 117.94-118.49.

Trade Solutions: Sales from Zone 118.49 to 117.94.