US Ministry of Finance will provide good support # SP500

Forecast for a week December 13-17:

# SP500:

in a new five-days I expect the update of the historic maximum on the SP500 wide market index against the background of an increase in the protifitis of dollar liquidity from the Fed and the Ministry of Finance of the United States . Fedrerev will increase the buying of treasury and mortgage securities within the framework of the quantitative mitigation program – the preliminary volume of purchases is estimated at $ 30 billion. The Ministry of Finance will repay treasury securities in the amount of $ 119 billion The financial system will receive about $ 149 billion in the financial system, which is the maximum indicator over the past two months. Since the main amount of funds will go before the announcement of the TROS meeting, the new record on the SP500 index can be set on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 4714/4660 and Take Profit 4714.


Shares of one of the world’s largest gold miners are interesting for purchases while reducing quotes to support level 17.49. The company is prey Gold and copper in the USA, Canada, Australia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Tanzania. In terms of gold mining, the company ranks second in the world. Barrick Gold historically demonstrates high business marginality, since it has a low cost of prey of precious metal. AISC indicator that includes the full cost of production of one ounce of gold is $ 969. Most competitors this figure is $ 100-200 above.

Trading Recommendation: BUY 17.49 / 16.81 and Take Profit 18.50.


Autodesk is one of the world’s largest software developers for industrial, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. The most famous product – AutoCAD, software with which architects, engineers and builders create accurate 2D and 3D drawings. The world economy by day compensated for lost positions in the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic and now we should expect a high growth rate of industrial production, which will allow the company to increase software sales provision. The average annual growth rate of revenues from the company is 23%. For example, at competitors represented by Adobe and Ansys indicators below by 3% and 9%, respectively.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 265.50 / 260.14 and Take Profit 279.20.