Two reasons buy gold

Forecast for the week April 18-22:


COMPOSITIES to the nearest resistance levels is advisable to use the SELL positions in the calculation for continuation of the inhole trend. An increase in energy prices will have a negative impact on the German economy, which this year will lead to a decrease in corporation income. German business has always been the most marginal in Europe, which was largely determined by relatively inexpensive energy carriers, but This year the situation has changed dramatically. Prices for natural gas, oil and coal quickly rose, which increases the cost of production in German factories. Most German economists are waiting for recession next year, but this may happen at the end of this year, since there are no reasons for changing the negative trend. Germany, unlike the United States, is a large importer of energy carriers, and its economy is now experiencing great difficulties against the background of high prices for raw materials.

Trade recommendation: Sell ​​14334/14529 and Take Profit 13536.



oil supply deficiency in the world market will have a favorable effect on the cost of black gold. Raw oil reserves in the OECD countries in March were 185 million barrels below 5 years of average and, according to the results of April, this indicator will increase against the background of an accident at the Caspian pipeline consortium, which will lead to a reduction in production in Kazakhstan and sanctions against Russia. The reserves indicator in April may drop into 200 million Barrels below 5 years of average and even US actions will not be able to greatly change this trend in the coming months. From May 1, Americans plan to increase oil supplies in the amount of 1 million b/s within six months. Thus, the stock indicator will be able to return to the 5-year average value in the best case in the fall. The main stimulus for oil prices can be the US Federal Reserve, which on May 4 will increase the accounting rate by 0.5%, which will lead to the strengthening of the dollar and have a negative impact on oil quotes. Thus, until May 4 You can expect a continuation of the upward trend in the oil market.

Trade recommendation: Buy 108.34/105.50 and Take Profit 115.15.

10100 XAUUUSD:

last week of gold quotes completed at a 4-week maximum and in a new five-day I expect a continuation of the rising trend for two reasons. Firstly, the geopolitical tension in Eastern Europe and Asia will have a beneficial effect on the cost of precious metal, which historically is a “protective asset”. The Russian-Ukrainian crisis is far from completion and both parties refuse to sign a peace agreement, and in Asia, Chinese politicians are dissatisfied with the arrival of American congressmen in Taiwan. “The United States must stop all official contacts with Taiwan,” the PRC said to Washington, more than an obvious signal, many the largest economies in the world last week reported about the rapid inflation company, which is also favorable for gold, since yellow Metal is historically used Investors, as a reliable means of protection against inflation risks.

Trade recommendation: Buy 1974.00/1949.74 and Take Profit 2014.10