Trading system for intraday trading and binary options

“SuperDEM with EMA Vertex” is a professional trading system based on the principle of following the trend with filtration of inputs by support/resistance levels and moment. This system is equally well suited for intraday trading and binary options. It can be used on any timeframes starting from 1 minute and in any financial markets. Trading is recommended during the London and New York sessions. For binary options, the expiry time must be equal to one or two candlesticks on the selected timeframe. You can find out how to choose a broker to trade binary options on this site.The system has many different indicators that carry different information. In addition to the usual MetaTrader tools, there are also specific, rarely used ones. Thus, the indicator “1_bars_back” marks the previous candle, and “AnyCandle” shows the candle of the lower timeframe. The indicator “all-averages-vertex” is two EMAs (exponential moving averages) with periods of 5 and 14. The indicators “THV4_Coral T@H”, “BB_Alert Arrows”, “SixtySecondTrades_Alert” and “SupDem” signal a change of trend. “Fractal Support and Resistance shows the nearest support and resistance levels. Indicators in the lower windows serve as input filters, and the rest play an auxiliary role. All these indicators have a wide range of settings. For successful work on this system it is necessary to study their peculiarities well and to work out suitable rules of an entrance for yourselves. Below are examples of such rules.

Metatrader window with system template. Red and blue rectangles show the buying and selling areas. When the price is in the buying zone, the “all-averages-vertex” indicator lines should cross the “THV4_Coral T@H” indicator line and this indicator should turn blue. The green circle of “SixtySecondTrades_Alert” indicator should appear. The “Williams’ Percent range” and “Stochastic” indicators confirm the signal. The histogram bars should become green and the Williams should enter the shopping area. Stop Loss can be set below the “Fractal Support and Resistance” support level. The position can be closed by changing the color of the indicator “THV4_Coral T@H”, or the red circle of the indicator “SixtySecondTrades_Alert” appears. When the price is in the sales zone (red rectangle), you can expect a sell signal. After the red circle of “SixtySecondTrades_Alert” indicator appears, the lines of “all-averages-vertex” indicator should cross the line of “THV4_Coral T@H” indicator, and this indicator itself should become pink. Stochastic bar graphs should become red or pink, and Williams should enter the sales zone. The stop-loss is set above the resistance level “Fractal Support and Resistance”. Positions can be closed by analogy with buying or changing the color of stochastic bars.The authors of this system claim that the probability of successful deals is 65%.Download system files