TradeAllCrypto Crypto Broker

TradeAllCrypto Crypto Broker

With hundreds of cryptocurrency trading platforms flocking the market, traders are left with a more difficult task of picking which one is legitimate. And while there are obvious indicators that determine fraudulent brokers, there are still traders who get easily scammed into subscription.  One cryptocurrency broker that constantly receives a combination of both positive and negative reviews is TradeAllCrypto Crypto Broker. 

As this is the case, it is deemed necessary to conduct an in-depth review focusing on its legitimacy and usability. This TradeAllCrypto review aims to identify the brokers’ salient features as well as its weak ones. With the intention of providing a comprehensive rundown of its overall functionality and security, interested parties are also given additional insights if opening an account TradeAllCrypto is a sound decision.

TradeAllCrypto Crypto Broker

Tradeallcrypto Review

TradeAllCrypto is cryptocurrency trading platform operated by Market Solutions Ltd. It is a financial company located in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a small Caribbean nation known for its weak financial legislation. Since the country does not exercise strict financial policies, it has become a home to offshore brokerage companies. 

This brokerage firm has been in service for five years already. While it is true that it is still a tad broker, it managed to register more than 150,000 clients from across the world.  Its flagship service is CFD trading, offering a diverse selection of asset classes including virtual coins, currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks.  While this set came to be standard within the industry, TradeAllCrypto remains ahead than those that only provide one or two assets from this list. 

TradeAllCrypto Accounts 

As how its official site puts it, its main objective is to become a modern and reliable cryptocurrency broker for everyone. This mission can be gleaned from its provision of five live accounts- Start, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP.  Each account is equipped with unique offers and conditions, giving clients wider option in picking the most compatible account for their trading structure. 

Below are their specifications in terms of minimum deposit 

  • Start Account- $250-$3000
  • Silver Account- $3001-$10,000
  • Gold Account- $10,001- $50,000
  • Platinum Account- $50,001-$100,000
  • VIP- $100,001

Premium features such as personal financial adviser, personal account review, trading plan, and personal strategy are made available in higher tier accounts. However, all clients are entitled to a welcome bonus of up to 150%. 

TradeAllCrypto Usability 

TradeAllCrypto’s official site is available in four languages- English, Russian, German, and Polish. By providing a multi-language interface, clients from across the world can comprehensively place queries, explore the system, and evaluate offers without any language restrictions. When it comes to the design of its interface, buttons are organized and all are visually-appealing. A simple click will redirect clients to whichever window they want to visit. Dropdown buttons for account types, instruments, company policies, terms and conditions, and education materials can be accessed easily.  

Registration with TradeAllCrypto is rooted in ease of use. Apart from personal information, one is required to provide pertinent documents such as passport, ID, driver’s license, or registration card.  After assessment and verification are successful, one may now fund the account through bank cards, Webmoney, Bitcoin, CryptoWallet, CEX.IO, and Qiwi. 

Payment methods are inarguably diverse and what’s more exciting is its charge-free service. While TradeAllCrypto does not charge any transaction fees, that specific payment methods entail charges. More so, processing time varies according to what method one uses. Credit and debit cards execute orders up to a maximum of 3 working days, while other means execute faster. 

TradeAllCrypto Crypto Broker

TradeAllCrypto Customer Reviews

One or two search on the internet and results will render mixed reviews about TradeAllCrypto. While it is only normal for brokerages to be a subject of this, what’s disturbing is the amount of bad TradeAllCrypto  customer reviews circulating on the web. More so, TradeAllCrypto reviews often raise platform malfunction, weak customer support, and the most pressing, financial wipeouts as persistent problems. 

Below are some attestations from different reviewers regarding its issue. 

“I am one of the many victims of this bad company. The same story!!!!! After a series of losses, they simply disappear and never respond again. I am writing this review to warn all people dealing with this company.” – Vierxis 01/2020

“TradeAllCrypto Do not believe these crooks Yevgeny Svetlitsky Arthur Sokolovsky Denis Krylov Persuaded, took loans of $ 3,000 and earned $ 5,000, but I can’t come up with money from May 2019 They even persuaded to insure an account of $ 250 and eventually blocked the account.” – Igor 03/19/2020

“…The cunning swindler first threw off 250 bucks into the account and showed how their platform works plus 80 a day)) The funniest thing is asking for these visa cards like we need to activate your personal account and it smelled like fraud. I want to say one thing, do not believe them scammers !!” – no disclosed name

To say, it is somehow unfair to assess the overall legitimacy of the company through selected reviews. However, these echoed sentiments cannot be disregarded as these still speak something about the company. Therefore, it is highly recommended that interested parties conduct an in-depth review about TradeAllCrypto. 

TradeAllCrypto Fraud

In terms of asset and account selection, TradeAllCrypto is an impressive choice. It also does well in other aspect such as the platform’s usability. While this broker is an ideal option, if we are to talk about offers, one cannot simply dismiss the inadequacy of its regulatory oversight. Besides, hundreds of bad reviews on the internet collectively attest to its fraudulent operations, making it a questionable company.