Track Trend” Forex trading strategy

This trading strategy is based on the idea of following the trend. It’s suitable for timeframes from 15 minutes onwards. In the flute market the system gives a lot of false signals. For the same reason it is necessary to select the most volatile currency pairs for work. The main indicator of the “Track Trend MACD Color” system. It determines the direction of price movement simultaneously on all timeframes from minute to weekly. It works according to the algorithm of the MACD indicator. The “Track Trend MACD Color” indicator is displayed on the chart as a table showing the status of the trend on each timeframe. To confirm the signals, a rather complex indicator “Ultra Wizard” is used, which is also displayed as a table. The main indicator indicator is Probability. It shows the percentage of probability of buying or selling. In addition to it, there are five other indicators in the table: “Multi-Info” percentage indicator of price movement stability, “Indice Strength” – indicator of trend strength, “Currency Pair Range” – the difference between the coefficients, as well as “MACD and Stochastic”. The red, orange or green colour can be used to quickly determine the trend. Another indicator, “Force Index”, created by the famous Elder, is used as an additional filter.

All system indicators must be the same to enter the Buy position. Ideal, of course, when “Track Trend MACD Color” timeframes give the same result and “Ultra Wizard” readings are all green. But that’s not always the case. Therefore, if the “Force Index” is above zero, and most of the other parameters coincide, you can buy.

The conditions for sale are met here. “Force Index” is below zero, most of “Track Trend MACD Color” timeframes show downwards, and “Ultra Wizard” readings are all red.The stoploss in this system is set at 10-15 points behind the nearest local maximum or minimum, depending on the timeframe. To get the maximum profit it is more expedient to use trailing stop.Download system files