The market is waiting for a sharp growth rate of the Fed

Events that should be paid to today: 11.30 MSK. Germany: PMI composite index. 17.45 MSK. USA: PMI composite index. EURUSD: Euro is now trading in the field of a 14-month minimum and the “bulls” is now there are few chances of success. First, the debt market there is a decrease in the spread of the profitability of short-term and long-term American treasury bonds, which signals the upcoming Rising interest rate Fed. This indicator is approaching 1%. Futures at the Fed rate now indicates that in the next year the monetary regulator can raise a bet three times. Of course, it is now too early to draw conclusions about a radical change of monetary policy, however, market sentiment is clearly in favor of the dollar. Secondly, the fall in gold prices will also put pressure on European currencies, since assets historically correlated. Gold drops everything for the same reason – waiting for the increase in the interest rate of the Fed. Trading Recommendation: SELL 1.1263 / 1.1300 and TAKE PROFIT 1.1219. .