The Fed has encouraged Bykov in the euro

Events, which should be paid attention to today:

is not expected to be important macroeconomic statistics.


Today, trade should be more active than yesterday, since a number of American investors will return to the market, but most of the Americans will still rest. Reducing quotes to closest support should be used to open the Buy positions, since many Fed officials unanimously say that the time has come for a smooth Increased interest rates. Either the Congress begins to put pressure on the Fed, which is afraid of slowing down economic growth, or the Federal Reserve representatives themselves understand that the maintenance of the current trend to tighten the credit-money policy will lead to a powerful recession in a year, and they are trying to somehow excuse the market, that everything is not so bad . Although the Fed model, which is built on several dozen macroeconomic indicators, indicates that the recession is inevitable in the fall of next year. But the traders do not think about now What will happen in a year – they are worried about the prospect of the near months, and since the Fed is preparing to reach the finish line on the issue of raising interest rates, there are few people are now interested in the dollar.

Trade recommendation: Buy 1.0369/1.0339 and Take Profit 1.0450.