The EU will make concessions to the United Kingdom

Relevance until 05:00 2019-10-29 UTC+1

Signals on EURUSD pair:

A breakthrough of 1.1095 will lead to an increase in the euro around 1.1120 and 1.1149

A breakthrough of 1,1066 would lead to Euro sales in the range of 1,1026 and 1,0994

Signals for GBPUSD pair:

A level breach of 1,2860 would lead to an increase in the pound in the region of 1,2943 and 1,3012

A breakthrough of 1.2807 would lead to sales of the pound in the range of 1.2757 and 1.2664

Fundamental data:

Address by ECB President Mario Draghi

Volume of private lending in the Eurozone