Technical analysis on 05.03.2021

05.03.2021 EURUSD euro Currency pair against the US dollar has created a consolidation range around the level of 1.2033. Today, the market has gone down and developed a measured rate of decline to 1.1955. We expect it to rise to 1.2033 (test from below). Furthermore, the development of another reduction structure to 1,1955 is not excluded. It is then rising to 1.2111. GBPUSD Pound currency to US dollar worked the growth structure to the level of 1.4016. Today, the market remains in a further downward structure to 1.3821. After reaching this level, we expect an increase to 1.4 thousand. USDRUB currency pair of the U.S. dollar to the Russian ruble continues to develop consolidation at 73.43. “Throwing away” the price to 74.74 is not excluded. Then consider the probability of falling to 73.43. With its distribution, the potential to reach 72.50 will open. USDJPY US dollar currency pair to The Japanese yen continues to stretch the tide of growth. Today, the market has reached 108.00. We expect a new scope of consolidation to be created at these highs. With the exit from it, we expect a drop to 106.90 (at least). USDCHF US dollar-to-Swiss franc currency pair was trading at 0.9285. Today, we expect to create a consolidation range at this maximum. When we get out of it, consider the beginning of the downward wave to 0.9140. AUDUSD The Australian dollar against the US dollar has created a consolidation range above 0.7740 and, with the collapse down, remains in the downward structure to 0.7674. After that, an increase compound to the level of 0.7740 is not excluded. Then – down to 0.7650. BRENT Oil broke 66.00 up and continues to trade under upward pressure. We expect to reach 69.00. The target is local. Then – drop to 66.10. Then – rise to 70.00. GOLD Gold is trading under downward pressure. The level of 1700.00 has been worked out. The possibility of overlapping 1664.00 is not excluded. Next, let’s look at the probability of a wave of growth starting at 1740.00. And with its division into buoys, given the increase to 1900.00. Bitcoin Bitcoin market has developed a downward wave to the level of 47400 and today creates a series of consolidations around it. With the way out of it, the potential to drop to 42300 will open. S’P 500 Stock Index broke 3780.5 down. At the moment, the scope of consolidation develops within the framework of the division. We expect this trend to continue at 3658.0. The goal is the first. Then – rise to 3850.0. Inadd to listInattence!Financial Market Forecasts are private opinions of the authors. The current analysis is not a guide to trade. RoboForex is not responsible for the results of the work that may occur when using the commercial recommendations of the submitted reviews.