Technical analysis for 04.11.2020



euro The currency pair against the US dollar developed a correction structure of 1.1760 and continued the trend to 1.1620. Today we expect it to collapse. The target is 1.1550. After its development, a correction link with 1.1666 is not excluded. Then relapse to 1.1425.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020


U.S. pound-to-dollar currency was trading at 1.3120. At the moment, the market is trading at 1.2980. Today we expect to divide this level down. The target is 1.2855. Then it is not excluded to link to the correction to 1.2950. It then fell to 1.2717.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020


US dollar currency pair against the Russian ruble broke 79.77 down and continues to fall to 78.60. After its development, a correction link of 79.70 is not excluded. Next – the trend decreases to 76.00.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020


THE CURRENCY PAIR OF THE US DOLLAR TO THE JAPANESE YEN has revised up to 105.25 and is trading under downward pressure today. We expect to work out 104.40. And with this level down, we expect the trend to continue to 103.45. The target is local.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020


US dollar-to-Swiss franc currency pair worked a wave of rise to 0.9205 and a correction to 0.9094. At the moment, the market is under upward pressure to 0.9175. This breakdown will open up growth potential to 0.9262. The target is local. After that, it is not excluded corrections to 0.9175. Next – rise to 0.9320. The goal is the first.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020


US dollar to 0.7222. We see this as a correction. Today we expect the downward trend to continue to 0.7107. And with its distribution, we expect a drop to .6988. And that’s only half of the next wave of decline. The main target is 0.6767.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020 101.000 BRENT

Oil rose to 39.50. The moment the market created a consolidation range around it and hit it up. The potential for growth is almost open to 42.70. After working out this level, a correction link to 39.60 is not excluded. We then expect a further increase to 45.76.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020


Gold worked compound rise to 1910.90, which is seen as a correction. Today we expect a drop to 1879.00. And with its division will open the possibility of reduction to 1841,95. The target is local.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020


Bitcoin market worked to rise to 13600 and crashed it. At the moment, the combination of growth has been made with a different approach to 14,000. We are almost considering the possibility of having a “Double Top”. Today we expect it to drop to 13600. And with its breakout it will open up the potential to drop to 13200 with the prospect of continuing the trend to 12900. Alternatively, try the market to get support at 13600 and work out an increase of 14250.

Technical analysis for 04.11.2020

S’P 500

The stock market index was able to break the scope of consolidation and is currently trading at 3444.0. After its development, we expect the next wave to develop to 3200.0 with the possibility of overlapping 3150.6.

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