Technical Analysis 05/13/2021


Technical Analysis 05/13/2021



Currency Pair of euro to US dollar has developed a reduction wave of 1,2071 and adjustments to 1.2151. Today, the market trades with a minimum of first wave of fall. We consider the continuation of the trend to 1,2012. The goal is local. After its development, it is possible to start the correction up to 1,2080 (test below).



Currency Currency Pound to US Dollar continues to develop a fall wave up to 1.4027. After his work, we expect corrections to 1,4087. Next – reduced to level 1.4010. The goal is the first.



Currency Currency Dollar USA to the Russian Rublin has developed a wave of correction up to 74.50. Today, we consider the likelihood of continuing the trend to 73.40. The goal is local.



Currency Pair of American Dollar to Japanese Jena hit 109.39 up. At the moment, the market is traded in the field of consolidation at this level. We expect that we will continue to increase to 110.40. The goal is local.



Currency Pair of US Dollar to Swiss Franca made a height impulse to 0.9078 and its correction up to 0.9029. Today, the market is trading in consolidation around the level 0.9088. We expect that we will continue to increase 0.9146. The goal is local.



Currency CARE Australian Dollar to US dollar has developed a wave of fall to 0.7730. Today we expect that we will continue to tend to level 0.7649. The goal is local.



The oil has developed another wave of growth to 69.74. Today It is traded in the correction of 68.05. Then consider the probability of growth starting at 70.90.

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Gold worked correction to Level 1817.22. Today, the trade market on him in the field of consolidation. As a result of the output, the potential will open at 1863.00. With the output down you can continue the correction up to 1780.00.


S & P 500

Action indicator has experienced a wave of lowering to 414,8. At the moment the market created a consolidation range and hit him down. Today, we expect Regulation 4047.0. Next, the adjustment level to 4144.8 (test below) is not excluded.

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