System for trading on the Forex market “RICKYD’S STRATEGY”

This strategy is designed for short-term trading on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, NZD/USD, USD/CAD pairs. Main timeframes 15M and 30M. The preferred time for trade is the European session and the beginning of the American session. The system is based mainly on standard Metatrader terminal indicators.Main indicators

  • – 5MA (Linear Weighted/Close)
  • – 20MA (LinearWeighted/Close)
  • – CCI (5) Line at +100, 0, and -100
  • – Forecast Oscillator: Regress (15) t3(3) and b(0.7)
  • – Relative Vigor Index (1)
  • – ADX (14) line 20
  • – Volume

The following indicators are used to determine the direction of movement, stop and profit levels

  • – 100MA (Linear Weighted/Close)
  • – 200MA
  • – Pivot Lines and Mid-Pivots
  • – BT2Stop

This picture shows an example of daily updated beer, support and resistance levelsTo enter a purchase, the 5MA must cross the 20 MA upwards. The candlestick should close above 100MA, as this would mean a break-down of the resistance line. In addition, the following conditions must be met

  • – The level of the CCI oscillator must be higher than (0).
  • – The blue line of Forecast Oscillator must be above the red line and above the line 0.
  • – Both RVI lines must be above 0 with the blue line at the top.
  • – The ADX and DI should be above +20.
  • -The price must be higher than the BT2Stop level.

The price should be higher than the beer levelThe conditions for entering the market are the same. But the conditions are the opposite. Moving averages should intersect downwards and oscillators should show appropriate levels for sales.The stop-loss is set 20 points lower when buying, and 20 points higher when selling than the entry level. Transactions are closed by the RVI indicator. Buying is closed when the line 0 crosses downwards, and selling when this line is crossed upwards.Download system files