System for Forex trading “Sidus Method”

This simple system is based on four moving averages and is designed for intraday or medium-term trading. The biggest advantage of “Sidus Method” is that there is no need to add additional filters. Trading with this system is very profitable, easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to find the right entry points. The system can be used for any Forex market instrument – currency pairs, indices and metals. Although, for example, trading gold on Forex requires experience. M30 charts are used for intraday trading, and for the medium term – hourly charts. Main indicators of the system “sidus_v3” and “sidus_v4a”. These indicators draw exponential middle lines (EMA) with periods of 5, 8, 18 and 28. The idea of the system is that 18 EMA and 28 EMA create a channel to be paid special attention to. An uptrend is identified if EMA 5 and EMA 8 cross this channel upwards. Correspondingly, the downward trend is downward. The indicators “sidus_v3” and “sidus_v4a” also indicate possible entry points with yellow and blue arrows. To simplify the decision-making process, the “FuturoFX” indicator is integrated into the system to roughly calculate the upcoming movement. This indicator analyzes the block of the last 1440 candlesticks (you can change it in the settings) on the chart, and then searches for similar blocks with the same number of candlesticks in the history. Calculates the similarity percentage of the found similar blocks and selects only those in which this percentage is greater than or equal to 75% (can be changed in the settings) and displays the arithmetic mean of the subsequent price movement in similar cases. This is displayed as an orange tunnel on the chart. The best match found in the history is displayed as yellow bars In the upper left corner of the chart FuturoFX displays a window with information:1. Opening time of the current candle2. How many candles have been analyzed3. How many comparisons have been made4. How many similar candlesticks were found5. Percentage of similarity of the best match6. Up and down potential in points7. Percentage of probability of forecast

Example of opening a position to buy. After the yellow EMA 5 line crosses the red line channel upwards, blue and blue arrows appear. After this signal appears on the next candlestick, we buy it. But only if the “FuturoFX” indicator prediction coincides with the signal. The stop is set at 15 points below the purchase level. The position is closed after the red channel is crossed down by EMA 5 or EMA 8.

We also open a sell position taking into account the “FuturoFX” indicator readings. After the yellow EMA 5 line crosses the red lines channel down and the yellow arrows appear, sell on the next candle. The stop is set at 15 points above the purchase level. The position is closed after crossing the red channel upwards with EMA 5 or EMA 8.Download system files