System for Forex trading “Secret Weapone Trading System”

This is an intraday trading strategy that uses indicators of the intersection of simple and exponential moving averages. Secret Weapone” strategy can be applied on any timeframe. However, it is preferable to use an hourly schedule with specification of inputs on timeframes 15 and 30 minutes. You can trade on any currency pair. The best time to trade is at the London and American sessions.The system uses moving averages with periods of 5 and 12, indicators “QQE” and “Daily Pivot points” as the main components of input analysis. “Daily Pivot points automatically adjusts to London and the United States. The “M15 MTF” indicator is used to confirm signals. The Fibonacci grid is automatically stretched to determine support and resistance levels. In addition, the system template has a built-in information sheet to facilitate decision-making. It contains readings of many popular indicators and oscillators (MACD, RSI, ATR, SSI, Stohastic and others) on all timeframes.

When analyzing the situation, the main attention should be paid to the price position relative to the level of beer – the thick red line. In this situation, after the blue arrow appears, the moving averages crossed this line upwards. But you can open a position to buy only if there are blue squares on the indicator “M15 MTF” and the information table advises to buy (UP). Stop-loss is set at the support level within 60 points. The levels are determined by the “Daily Pivot points” or the Fibonacci grid.

Sell trades are opened after the red arrow appears, when the price is below the beer line. The entrance is confirmed by the red squares on the “M15 MTF” indicator. The information table also confirms the downward movement (DOWN). Stop-loss is set at the resistance level within 60 points.Transactions are closed when the beer crosses the line MA 5 in the opposite direction.Download system files