System for Forex trading “Nostradamus Forex System”

This is an intraday strategy for timeframes of 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes. “Nostradamus Forex System” is a complex system of forecasts based on many indicators, the main one being “Brilliant Nostradamus”. The principle of operation of this indicator is based on neural networks. Currency pairs to trade AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, AUDJPY, USD/JPY, EUR /JPY.The “Brilliant Nostradamus” indicator is set to predict 60 bars by default, but this parameter can be adjusted. Indicators “TrendFollow_Zeron” and “Colored_candles Hill” show the trend direction. In separate windows there are indicators “no repaint+Arrows1”, “trender_color_mtf” and “AlievTM Volli”. They serve as filters for determining entry points into the market. The rest of the indicators are auxiliary.

A system template with a typical picture of a buy signal. The probability is 69%. The bars of the “Brilliant Nostradamus” indicator go above the price. The price rose above MA14 and the blue line of “TrendFollow_Zeron” indicator. There’s a little green arrow on this indicator. The indicator “Colored_candles Hill” painted candles green. Filter indicators also confirm the signal. “trender_color_mtf” turned yellow and came to zero, “no repaint+Arrows1” went up, yellow line of “AlievTM Volli” indicator crossed up the blue and white lines.

In this picture there are conditions for sale. The bars of the “Brilliant Nostradamus” indicator go below the price. The price fell below MA14 and the red line of “TrendFollow_Zeron” indicator. A red arrow appears on the “no repaint+Arrows1” indicator. The indicator “Colored_candles Hill” colored candles in red. The bars of the indicator “trender_color_mtf” have become red, and “no repaint+Arrows1” is directed down. The yellow line of “AlievTM Volli” indicator fell below the blue line.Positions are usually closed when the opposite signal appears. The stop-loss is set above or below the nearest maximum or minimum.Download system files