System for Forex trading “Accelerated Awesome System”

The system “Accelerated Awesome” is designed for trading on the Forex market and is based on the principle of following the trend. It’s a very reliable system, and it has the potential to generate good profits, subject to rules, discipline and patience. The “Accelerated Awesome” system is easy to understand and looks good on the screen. This system can be used both by beginners and experienced traders. Any timeframe above 5 minutes works well in this system. You can use any currency pair for trading. Security of trade will be provided by regulated brokers.In this trading system the main signal is generated in the main chart window and is confirmed by the indicators located in the lower part of the chart.The “TMA+CG” indicator creates a channel on the chart, limited by red and green lines. This channel represents dynamic support and resistance levels. The same indicator with blue and pink arrows shows possible entry points into the market.The most significant support and resistance levels are determined by the indicator “EZ Chart ArrZZZx2”. These levels are displayed as a series of pink and blue squares. An important trend indicator is the “WATR” indicator, which is displayed in red and blue linesThe “TMA True Slope” indicator is installed in the first lower window of the terminal. The bars of this indicator can be blue, green and dark green or pink, red and dark red depending on the strength and direction of the signal. The position of the bar relative to the zero level is also important.In the second lower window there is an indicator “Accelerated Awesome4color”. It is displayed in green and dark green, red and dark red bars according to the trend.In addition to the basic information, these two indicators make it possible to determine the divergence with the price in the early stages of development This screenshot shows the conditions for shopping. The first sign is the blue arrows of the “TMA+CG” indicator and green bars “TMA True Slope”. Then the price rises above the green line, as well as above the levels of “EZ Chart ArrZZZx2” and “WATR”. The buy position opens when the green bar of the “Accelerated Awesome4color” indicator appears. It is recommended to close the position when changing the bar color to red, although other options are also possible. The stop-loss is set according to the level of the “WATR” indicator and can be moved behind it.Here is an example of an entry into sales. The first sign is the pink arrows of the “TMA+CG” indicator, the pink bars “TMA True Slope” and the red bars of the “Accelerated Awesome4color” indicator. Then the price fell below the red line, as well as below the level of “EZ Chart ArrZZZx2”. The sell position opens below the blue line of the indicator “WATR”. It is recommended to close the position when changing the indicators to the opposite ones. Stop-loss is set by the level of the indicator “WATR”.Always pay attention to the warning in the bottom right window. If “Sell Only” is just to sell. If “Buy Only” is just to buy. If “Ranging” is better to refrain from trading.Download files