Subtleties of brokerage services promotion in social networks

How to promote brokerage services in social networks?Social networks have long been transformed from local communities for the “chosen” into an open media space with virtually unlimited possibilities. Here, they make useful contacts, find investors and partners, and promote goods and services. And it is not surprising that the work on the Forex market also finds echoes in the space of social networks.Should I promote brokerage services on social networks? Undoubtedly – yes, if you want to start a really successful project, to find new clients or to give an impulse to the development of an already operating brokerage organization. Moreover, it is social media that today is the main source of information for billions of users around the world. It would be short-sighted to lose sight of this global information space.With social media, you can always deliver relevant and important information, notify your customers of important changes or beneficial offers. But the main thing is that you will always stay close to your users, creating an atmosphere of trust even within the framework of purely business cooperation from the very first minutes of acquaintance of the client with the activities of the company.Social media promotion: why would a broker want to do that?Why is it particularly important today to ensure the presence of a brokerage organization in social networks? In fact, everything is simple: it is here that the main target audience of brokers is most often looking for an answer to their questions. That is, establishing interaction within the forum or community on a popular social media platform, it is possible to solve not only the problem of increasing customer loyalty, but also to attract new traders, promoting the very idea of the Forex market among network users.Why is it so important to make increasing the presence of a brokerage organization in social networks one of the directions of its development? At a minimum, it allows potential and existing clients to establish more effective interaction with the broker. As a maximum, it provides unlimited opportunities for the development of the media project, makes it possible to implement the most large-scale advertising and information projects within the main activities of the organization.Another important point is the assessment of the company’s activity in social networks from the point of view of users’ trust. In fact, according to subjective assessments, the availability of regularly updated content in the format of social media platforms is an additional “plus” in the decision-making process in favor of a particular brokerage organization. Simply put, if you are not in social networks – you yourself, by yourself, limit yourself in development, automatically cutting off from the sphere of their interests a huge audience of potential customers.Social media as a platform for selling servicesWhat can a private broker or a dealing center do on social networks?

  • Fame: the greater your presence, the better your chances of becoming a real authority among traders.
  • Expansion of spheres of influence: you get an opportunity to be present not only in the domestic, but also in foreign markets, offering your services to clients from other countries.
  • Customer confidence: the easier and more accessible it is to communicate, the more loyal the customers’ attitude towards the brokerage or dealing center activities will be.
  • Creating a recognizable media image: by mastering social media, you create a brand that can eventually attract millions of fans.
  • Sales growth: the expansion of the company’s media presence will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of clients. And, if properly promoted, it will help bring the brokerage organization to a fundamentally different level of the business community.

Subtleties of brokerage services promotion in social networksWhat social networks is it worthwhile to use to promote brokerage services? In fact, the choice of convenient platforms is quite wide: from a concise microblogging service Twitter, where you can report on changes in quotes and other market changes, to video hosting YouTube with its multimillion audience and almost unlimited possibilities.The peculiarities of brokerage promotion in social networks imply adaptation of content to the requirements of a particular platform.For instance:In Twitter the size of the post is limited to 140 characters, but you can integrate it with other services and create links to the latest updates in other networks.VKontakte is the largest social network in the CIS. Here you can publish text, audio and video materials, create thematic groups and pages, offer services and conduct full-scale advertising campaigns. This platform is available for integration with other social media, which allows you to set up cross-posting, as well as publishing announcements and links automatically.On Facebook, the post is virtually unlimited and can be up to 60,000 characters long. But the optimal “news” presentation of information is considered to be – with specification of the essence of the material in the first paragraph of the text and further development of the topic for those who are ready to go deeper into it in the course of the story. In addition to text information, you can also post graphics and videos here.LinkedIn is a media platform that is positioned as a community for professionals. It makes sense to promote the services of a broker, focusing on the benefits of cooperation with you. It is possible to create thematic communities.Instagram/Pinterest is not a very convenient platform to promote services at first glance. But, in practice, this is where you can place a variety of thematic photo materials illustrating the work of brokers. It should be taken into account that Instagram is mainly focused on the placement of the author’s content, while Pinterest is used to share any thematic pictures found on the network.YouTube is a branded service of Google, in addition to the actual promotion in the format of commercials or a video blog, it also provides good opportunities to improve the performance of the main website of the company.Google+ – this service is more focused on integration with the main site. Here you can post announcements, graphics and other information in a “short” format.The process of promotion of groups – the main tool to promote services, including brokerage, in social networks, is not much different from the promotion of the site. Regular content updates and maximizing interaction with the audience are what makes any community so successful. Not superfluous at the start will be the placement of advertising in thematic communities on the selected site for promotion. And time-tested marketing techniques, such as promotions and contests work well in social networks, allowing you to quickly attract the attention of the target audience to the newly created communityRead more about how to properly develop a brokerage company in the article The main qualities of Forex brokers.