Strategy for medium-term trading on the Forex market “IKH-HA Strategy”

 This strategy is based on the Ishimoku indicator in combination with additional technical analysis tools. The strategy is designed to work on four-hour charts and can be used for any currency pair. This timeframe assumes medium-term trading over several days or weeks. If you are unable to spend the whole day at the monitor and want to be able to install and forget, the IKH_HA strategy provides a good solution if you use a trailing stop. The choice of a broker is important for such trading.The main indicator of the strategy is “Ichimoku Kinko Hyo” with settings of 9.26.52. In addition, the multitimeframe indicator “ichi360_Monitor” is installed on the chart, which displays the direction of movement of Ishimoku lines on four timeframes, i.e. sixteen arrows. The “Heiken Ashi” candlestick indicator confirms the signals by changing the candlestick color.To trade according to the “IKH-HA” strategy, check the “ichi360_Monitor” indicator for each currency pair every day or every four hours to choose a suitable currency. This step should be taken before a currency pair can be considered for trading, which helps to get rid of bad trades. The “ichi360_Monitor” reading should be 80% positive (13 or more upwards) or 80% negative (13 or more downwards).Shopping rules:

  • The candle was formed at the top or above the Ishimoku cloud;
  • The Tenkan Sen line crossed up the Kijun Sen line;
  • Chikou Span line should be higher than the price and directed upwards;
  • The Senkou Span A line crosses up the Senkou Span B line;
  • The Heiken Ashi candle should be green
  • This screenshot shows possible buy positions. In this case, the stop-loss is set below the Kijun Sen line. A trailing stop is set for profit taking or a position is closed when the Tenkan Sen line crosses the Kijun Sen line down. The rules for sales:
    • The candle was formed below or below the Ishimoku cloud;
    • The Tenkan Sen line crossed down the Kijun Sen line;
    • The Chikou Span line should be below the price and directed downwards;
    • The Senkou Span A line crosses down the Senkou Span B line;
    • The Heiken Ashi candle should be red
    • The possible points of sale are shown here. Stop-loss on sales is set above the Kijun Sen line. Positions are closed by trailing stop or when the line Tenkan Sen crosses up the line Kijun Sen.The way of trading with the “Ichimoku Kinko Hyo” indicator may seem complicated and frightening to those who are not familiar with this highly reliable system of charting, but in reality it is very easy to master. You can download the indicator and the system template by clicking the link below.Download files