Simple, trendy Trendmagic System

British traders have created and have been improving and modifying the Forex trading system based on the Trend Magic indicator for several years. The system is mainly used for the EUR/GBP pair, as it shows the best movement trends. There is a modification of this system for the EUR/USD pair. This trading strategy can be applied on any timeframe. One of the authors of the system, British trader Paulus, uses it on the daily chartOn the picture the system chart with the template “tm4 withhv”. In addition to the Trend Magic indicator, the “TudorGirl HG 0001a MTF” indicator is used here. This indicator was created by TudorGirl trader, combining BB MACD oscillator and TM indicator. On the small diagrams you can see the trend of four timeframes (5 minutes 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour) instead of opening 4 charts. For trader’s convenience the script with time reflection in the main exchange centers is added. Trading on this pattern is very simple. If the Trend Magic indicator line is blue, open a position to buy, if red, close the buy and open the sell. Stop-loss levels are set above/below the local lows and highs on the selected timeframeA template option for the same system. The “ant-GUBreakout” indicator has been added here, which shows periods of low volatilityTemplate “original tm set up” for EUR/USD pair. The BB MACD indicator is also used here to determine the trend. As British traders have been working since the beginning of the London session, “ant-GUBreakout” is used to visualize the Asian session. This indicator can be set to display any periodBuy Signal – change the color of BB MACD and Trend Magic indicators to blue. Signal to sell – change color to red. Stop Loss is set on local tops and bottoms. Transactions are closed when the color changes to the opposite.The system variant for the EUR/USD pair also works on all timeframes.Download indicatorsDownload templates