Pound Trend is gaining momentum

Events that should be paid to today:

16.30 MSK. USA: The main expenses for personal consumption.


The upward trend in the British currency is gaining momentum and reducing quotes to the nearest support levels are appropriate to use to open the BUY positions. In the interbank in London, Libor rates on the pound is still above dollar interest rates, which is favorable for the growth of the British currency. Such a situation may be preserved in the coming Weeks, since the Bank of England in February can once again increase the discount rate. It is impossible to bypass the face and positive dynamics of the oil market, since black gold and pound historically correlated. The oil reserves in the United States are on a seven-year high maximum and even “printing” a strategic reserve on the initiative of Joe Bayiden will not be able to change this situation a lot. Low reserves in history has led to an increase in oil prices.

Trading Recommendation: Buy 1.3335 / 1.3303 and Take PROFIT 1.3390.