OZFX trading system

The system based on Bill Williams’ oscillators is designed for medium- and long-term trading with 4-hour and daily charts. On the 4-hour graph, movements of up to 800 points can be picked up.For smaller time ranges, the system is rarely used, but can be used to collect 30-50 points.To work on this strategy, we install the AO Awesome oscillator with normal settings on the 4-hour chart and the default oscillator by Bill Williams (Accelerator). Stochastic is installed on top of the speaker. Settings 5,3,4 are slightly different from the standard settings. The oscillator of the JSC determines the current trend. And when the oscillators of the speakers and AOs are of the same color, this determines a strong trend. Usually the AO reacts more slowly to changes in the trend than the AO. The speaker oscillator indicates that the trend is changing much faster than the AO and therefore gives good input and output signals. The AC oscillator is the only indicator that shows signals to open positions as close as possible to peaks or troughs. Stochastic shows oversold and overbought levels. These levels are very important for determining the entry and exit points.

Input signals when the %D and %K stochastics cross 20 or 80 levels up or down and both AC SA SA oscillators become red or green at the same time. Stochastic crosses the levels upwards of 20 or downwards of 80, waiting for the speaker to turn green or red. The position opens at the opening of a bar of the same color. The position is not open if the Stochastic crosses upwards 20 or downwards 80, but the speaker does not change its color on the next candle. Do not leave the position if the stochastics have not reached 20 or 80 levels. Wait until the speaker oscillator crosses the zero line before exiting. This is an important component for making a profit from 100 to 800 points.When working with this system it should be taken into account that it is impossible to catch every movement, but when the speaker oscillator bars cross the 20 level or 80 level upwards, simultaneously with the intersection of stochastics, it is a strong signal. We shouldn’t forget about management and foot tightening.Download template: ozfx-squeezemore