Oil has a good reason to grow

Forecast for the week of October 18 – 22: the fact that the third quarter for the American economy was successful, which allows us to expect that corporations will continue to please investors with positive financial reports. The US Federal Reserve this month will keep the stimulus flat, which will also have a positive impact on the capitalization of the stock market. Trading recommendation: Buy 4445/4400 and take profit 4520. billion, which will provide short-term support to the US dollar and could cause lower oil prices, as oil and the dollar are historically traded in different directions, since hydrocarbons are quoted in US currency. It is advisable to use this technical correction to open Buy positions based on continued uptrend. According to the latest OPEC report, oil reserves in the storages of OSER countries are now 102 million barrels. below the five-year average. Oil Cartel awaits preservation structural supply deficit in the world market during the 4th quarter, which is favorable for oil prices. Trade recommendation: Buy 84.00/82.60 and take profit 86.60. support Sber’s quotations, as they will allow the bank to reduce expenses on foreign exchange loans and deposits, which will have a favorable effect on net profit. The Russian ruble is strengthening amid a significant difference in interest rates between the Central Bank of Russia and the US Federal Reserve, and in the new five-day period this difference will increase even more, since the Russian monetary authorities can raise the key rate by either 0.25% or 0.5%. A strong increase in inflation forces the Central Bank of Russia to take tough measures. Trade Recommendation: Купите 370,70/364,50 и получите прибыль 390,00.