Nihilist Holy Grail Forex Trading Strategy

A trader from Bengal has created an indicator “Nihilist_Holygrail”. The trading system of the same name is based on this indicator. The indicator is made very precise, but the market is not obliged to follow any rules, the market does not respect the indicators, it can go in any direction at any time. If you follow the rules of the system strictly, your winnings will increase rapidly and the number of losses will be minimal. Nihilist Holy Grail is firmly in the category of the best forex strategies. This system is very conservative and will require patience. The system can be used with any timeframe, but not less than M30. For intraday trading, the M30 and H1 timeframes during the London session are the best options. H4 and 1D are used for medium term tradingThe color of the Nihilist_Holygrail indicator determines the strength of the trend. Therefore, it is not recommended to change the template for effective trading. Below the main indicator there are five more that serve as filters for more precise determination of entry points. That’s it. (Laughs)

  • Nihilist_Ultra_Trend_V2
  • Nihilist_Trend_Filter_1
  • Nihilist_Trend_Filter_2
  • Nihilist_Ultra_ADX
  • Nihilist_Ultra_ADX_Dash_mtf

The Nihilist_Ultra_ADX indicator is also shown separately as a histogram in the upper right corner of the chart. It is obtained from the standard ADX indicator in MT4. Vertical columns show timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month, while horizontal columns show periods from 7 to 144. Green means a strong bullish trend, blue means a moderate or weak bullish trend. Red is a strong bearish trend and orange is weak or moderate. The color matching in one column gives a strong signal.The Synergy APB indicator lights candles in pink or cyan, depending on the direction, and Kijun-Sen determines the state of the market – flute, growth or declineThe HolyGrail indicator should be dark green or green to enter the market, and no red squares or one or two after the candlestick colored with cyanide in the ADX window. The candle must close above the Kijun-Sen line. It’s better when the candle is completely above this levelEntry for sale is defined in the same way, only HolyGrail should be red or pink, and green squares should be the minimum. The candle must be pink and close below the Kijun-Sen line.If you open positions in the direction of the daily chart, the probability of success will increase. Positions are closed at opposite signals. You can also set a fixed Take Profit, depending on the trading period. For the intraday it can be 30-50 points, for the medium term it can be 100 points or more. Support and resistance levels should also be considered when closing positions.Stop-loss is set above/below the last flute level. If it is too close or too far, set a fixed 30/50/70/80/100, depending on the trading period.Download indicatorsDownload template