Moderna is ready to save the world from Omikron

Events that should be paid to today:

US Department of Finance – auction for the placement of treasury bonds.


Mixed background is formed today. On the one hand, it can be expected to reduce the quotations in the British currency against the background of a large-scale auction of the US Ministry of Finance for the placement of treasury bonds. Withdrawal of dollar liquidity from the financial system will be $ 85 billion today and $ 60 billion tomorrow. For American currency, this is a good short-term support. On the other hand, I expect the rising trend on the oil market, which can support the pound, since black gold and the British currency are historically correlated with each other. The American company Moderna introduced the updated data on the booster dose of its vaccine in 50 micrograms, according to which it increases the number of antibodies against the omicron strain of coronavirus 37 times. These news on time will remove fears around the new strain of coronavirus, which is positive for oil prices.

Trading Recommendation: FLET 1.3165 -1.3265.