Intraday trading system “Forex Profit Supreme with Snake”

The “Forex Profit Supreme with Snake” system literally promises the highest profit with the help of a snake. It’s, of course, a figurative expression. Actually, “Snake” is a moving average calculated by a special algorithm, while the indicator values on the last 0…Snake_HalfCycle (half-period) bars may change. It is convenient for displaying price movements in the form of a smooth curve and for participating in calculations of other indicators, when smoothed price values are required for bars with numbers larger than Snake_HalfCycle. Unlike the usual moving averages, Snake is not late. In this system “Snake” is displayed as a white line and is used in combination with the indicator “T3 Clean” (green line). Several more specially modified indicators are installed on the main chart of the system template. The “Forex Profit Supreme signal” indicator shows possible entry points with blue and red arrows. “Forex Profit Supreme bar” colors candles in red or green depending on the trend. “Forex Profit Supreme clock” shows the time remaining until the current candle closes. The “Closing” indicator with yellow crosses marks possible levels of closing the deal. In the first lower window of the terminal there is a filtering indicator “Forex Profit Supreme filter”, which is displayed as red and blue bars. Below is the indicator “Forex Profit Supreme dline” in the form of red and green dots. Forex Profit Supreme with Snake” system is designed for timeframes of 15 minutes and more. An hourly schedule is considered optimal for intraday trading. You can trade major currency pairs (majors) and indices. Bank brokers are better suited for index trading.

This screenshot shows the conditions for buying:1. The white line “Snake” crosses up the green line “T3 Clean”2. Blue bars of “Forex Profit Supreme filter” indicator appear3. The blue arrow on the “Forex Profit Supreme signal” indicator appears4. The candles are colored green5. A green dot appears in the “Forex Profit Supreme dlin” indicatorHere are the conditions for sale:1. The white line “Snake” crosses the green line “T3 Clean”2. Red bars appear on the “Forex Profit Supreme filter” indicator3. The red arrow on the “Forex Profit Supreme signal” indicator appears4. The candles are painted red5. A red dot appears on the “Forex Profit Supreme dline” indicatorThe stop-loss is set at the nearest minimum or maximum. Positions are closed when the yellow cross of the “Closing” indicator appears or when the filter color changes.Download system files