Intraday trading system at the Forex market “Alchemy Trading System”

This system is designed for intraday trading on the principle of following the trend. The key idea of the system is to find the direction of the day. The “Alchemy” system can be used only in the Forex market for currency pairs and gold. Trading in gold on Forex is quite difficult, but this system can make it easier. In the attached file there are two separate templates – for currency and for gold. Trading is carried out on an hourly timeframe at any time. All system indicators are designed or modified specifically for the system. These are mostly well-known tools, but here they look a bit different. So the “XMA” indicator is a modified system of moving averages, which determines the main direction. Indicators “1st4HR-HLofWK”, “ARZZZ2”, “Breakout Box”, “MT4 Channel”, “MT4 Currency Gold” serve as auxiliary filters. The “MT4 Candles” indicator turns the candles blue or red depending on the direction. The “Semafor” A and “Semafor B” indicators determine turning points together with the zigzag indicators “ZZNen A”, “Zznem B” and “ZZ supres”. The goals of the movement are determined by the MT4 Daily Targets and M-Math indicators. In the lower window of the terminal there are additional filters “Stochastic Oscillator”, “Trend pro” and “XMA Cycle”.

One example of a price reversal upwards. The black lines are MT4 Channel, the price is based on the bottom line, the candlesticks are blue, and the main line of XMA is blue. In the lower window, the “Trend pro” indicator and the stochastics also show the upward direction.

Everything on this screenshot points to sales. The main “XMA” line is pink and the price is below it, and in the bottom window all the indicators point down.

You can’t trade in a situation like this. Everything here points to a flute.

This picture shows a pattern for gold trading. Here is a strong buy signal, but the price has approached the upper boundary of the channel and the stochastic is in the overbought zone. Therefore, in this case, it is better to wait for the correction.At first glance, the system seems complicated, but if you understand it, it is easy to trade on it. You can exit trades by Murray levels or by the opposite signal. The foot level can be set using black lines or “Semafor” indicator points.Download system files