Good and bad news for the dollar

Events to pay attention to today: 17.00 msk. US: ISM manufacturing index. EURUSD: The US Federal Reserve has published recent statistics on asset changes on the balance sheet. Over the past week, the figure decreased by $41.8 billion, and this week earlier, the figure increased by $41 billion. Earlier this week, the ECB published its statistics, which increased its balance sheet by €28 billion. Since the ECB has printed more money than Fedrezera, this factor is negative for the exchange rate single European currency. On the other hand, in the commodity market, we see strong demand for energy, which is negative for the dollar, since assets historically have an inverse correlation. Investors are actively buying up contracts for oil and natural gas. This is partly due to a shortage of hydrocarbon supply in the world market, partly this is a banal speculative “acceleration.” Trade recommendation: flat 1.1535 – 1.1635.