Global profit system – profitable trading system

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Global profit system – profitable trading system


This simple system is available even for beginners. Entries to deals are determined by a set of indicators, which visually reflect the market situation. The “Super-signals-channel” indicator draws the channel in which the price moves. The GG-RiverFlow indicator shows the price position on different timeframes. This indicator represents the moving average MA values with different steps. This indicator has a “Sughpeg” parameter. If you put 1, the indicator will be in the right corner. Fisher indicator is a rather simple histogram indicator, which determines the direction and strength of the trend, as well as signals the change in the trend. Regios (default = 10) – the period in bars on which maximums and minimums are calculated. The higher the number, the less false signals about the trend change, but the greater the delay of the indicator. The Trigger and 5_34_5 indicators show a visual change of directionGlobal profit system – прибыльная торговая система

First of all, we should look at the Trigger indicator, the deal is entered by changing the color of the indicator (if three candlesticks were colored in front of it in the opposite color). That is, if there are three red candlesticks, then green, it is the signal to buy. An upward intersection must be detected in the indicator 5_34_5. The green arrows warn of a change of direction, but are not definitive. To refine the input it is necessary to analyze the behavior of Fisher and GG-RiverFlow indicators. A Buy order opens when all the indicators coincide. It is preferable that the price is above the moving average, but not necessarilyGlobal profit system – прибыльная торговая система

Example of a sales signal. Everything here is similar to the buy signals, only the colors are different. The Trigger indicator showed a red candle after three green ones. The indicator 5_34_5 shows the downward intersection. And Fisher and GG-RiverFlow indicators also give a sell signal.

When opening a transaction, the stop-loss is placed behind the channel line. Profitable trades are closed when the opposite signal appears or by take profit on the opposite edge of the channel.

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