General elections will be held on December 12 in the UK.

Relevance until 06:00 2019-10-31 UTC+1Signals on EURUSD pair:A breakthrough of 1,1120 would lead to an increase in the euro around 1,1149 and 1,1178A breakthrough of 1,1097 would lead to Euro sales around 1,1075 and 1,1050Signals for GBPUSD pair:A level breach of 1.2869 would result in an increase of the pound in the region of 1.2943 and 1.3012A breakthrough of 1.2807 would lead to sales of the pound in the range of 1.2757 and 1.2664Fundamental data:Quarterly change in GDP in the U.SChanges in the number of employees employed by ADP in the United StatesFOMC’s principal interest rate solution in the US