GBPUSD, we note the promising purchase area

daily graph : The couple remains in the upper envelope of the Bollinger and, accordingly, has the opportunity to continue growth to the upper boundary of the range (1.2333). At the same time, we do not see sufficient trend potential on the part of ADX, which can return the prices to the average area (1.2051-1.2104)

N4 : 1.2051-1.2104 is a promising area for purchases, where the accumulation of daily and N4- medium lanes of the bellinger. The upper line is more than 100 points above the current price (1.2271 against 1.2062), which will contribute to the continuation of growth in the direction of this mark.

H1 : the lower boundary of the Bolinger envelopes inside the day is in zone 1.2129. Bulls can aggressively protect it today.

Conclusions : decrease by 1.2129, then continued growth in direction 1.2273.

Trade decisions : purchases from 1.2129 to 1.2273.