GBPUSD, two scenarios for today

daily graph : the pound tests the middle lane of the Bolinger (1.2100), with a claim to the upper envelope. If customers succeed in such a transition, then they will receive a space for growth up to 1.2333. However, such a scenario is still unlikely, because The trend potential of ADX is falling.

N4 : the level of 1.2164 (upper strip of the Bolinger) is a possible growth limiter, from where the quotes can be adjusted to at least 1.2092.

N1 : the intraday goal of the bull may be almost 100 points more bold than it seems at senior timeframes. The upper strip of the bellinger is located at 1.2245.

Conclusions :

The main scenario – growth to 1.2164, then rollback to 1.2092.

Alternative scenario – Breakthrough by 1.2245.

Trade decisions :

1. Purchases to 1.2164 and, possibly, to 1.2245.

2. Search for sales at levels 1.2164 and 1.2245.