GBPUSD, bear potential can be increased

daily schedule : Sellers are preparing to attack the lower lane of the Bolinger (1.1839) in the case of positive data for the American dollar. Accordingly, the opposite will be also true: with poor NFT, the couple can get a sharp rebound up.

N4 : Here, support from the lower band of the Bolinger is more localized (1.1864), which indicates a high probability of breakdown.

N1 : Before the release of news data, the couple will probably be consolidated within the envelopes of the Bolinger (1.1885-1.1935), After that, a further impulse distribution will occur.

Conclusions : Consolidation in the range 1.1885-1.1935, then falling to 1.1800.

Trade decisions : Sales from zone 1.1935 to 1.1800.