GBPUSD, a pair is aimed at 1.3532

Daily chart: The upper strip of the Bollinger moved a little more, and is now at 1.3532. This is the minimum nearest goal for bulls, although, taking into account the very active ADX, further targets for buyers can be much more bold.

N4 : As part of the local overboll envelope, it is also possible to conclude a ratio of the price of 1.3532. The optimal area of ​​shopping is 1.3465 (the middle line of the Bollinger).

H1: Borders of the Outdoor Range Consolidation 1.3483-1.3513. Short-term can be traded from the walls of this corridor in both directions, and if we proceed from trend transactions, you can use each decline for a set of long positions.

Conclusions: Height to 1.3532.

Trademarks: purchases from Zone 1.3483 to 1.3532.