Forex trading system “Trend Power Strategy”

Trend Power Strategy” system is designed for use in Forex trading using the scalping method. Therefore, it is recommended to use it on timeframes for not more than an hour. For such trading it is better to use the main currency pairs (majors). You will also need scalping brokers who will be able to offer the smallest spread.Trend Power Strategy” system is based on a combination of indicators, the set of which gives quite accurate input signals.The “Channel-signal” indicator is a modified version of the “Center of gravity” indicator. It shows the current market trend and at the same time indicates the previous lows and highs on the channel lines. This indicator has four lines of channel. The most distant lines of the channel are gray in color and are rarely affected by market prices. The main lines are orange and are used to place orders when they are touched and crossed.The “Trendpowervisual” indicator shows possible entry points with blue and red arrows. The strongest signals are displayed by a yellow multi-pointed star.The “FerruFx_Multi_info THV” indicator shows the highs, lows and closing price of the previous day.The “Fibonacci Pivots THV” indicator shows resistance levels with green dashed lines and support levels with red dashed lines.The “Trendpowercurve” indicator shows the dominating trend in the market as a percentage.This is what a chart with the installed “Trend Power Strategy” system template looks likeThis screenshot shows the approximate points of opening positions for buying and selling. First of all, we need to make sure that the “Trendpowercurve” indicator shows not less than 60% of the desired direction of movement. And it’s better to enter the deal when it grows.A purchase order only opens when the blue arrow appears. This usually happens when the price is close to the lower yellow line or crosses it. A yellow eight-pointed star means a very strong signal. Stop-loss is set on the lower grey dotted line. To determine the stop-loss point we draw a vertical line along the glow plug. The position closes when the red arrow appears.The warrant for sale opens when the red arrow appears. This signal appears near the upper yellow line. A yellow star can also signal a sale if it is at the top. Stop-loss is set on the upper gray line, defining the point on the input candle. Close the position after the blue arrow appears.For a more accurate forecast, you should consider where the price is relative to the levels of “Fibonacci Pivots THV” and “FerruFx_Multi_info THV”. For example, when buying the signal will be more reliable if the price exceeds yesterday’s levels and the current day’s beer level. Accordingly, sales are better off if the price is below these levels.Download system files