Forex trading system “Super Apit 8


This system was created by Indonesian traders and is designed for short-term trading. Graphs M15 and M30 are used for work. With the help of a large number of indicators, the system reflects a holistic picture of the market, facilitating trade decisions. You can work with any currency pairs.

Система торговли на рынке Форекс «Super Apit 8»

This figure shows all the indicators included in the system.

No. 1 Signal Bars V8 – shows the direction of MACD, STR & EMA on different timeframes

No. 2 B – clock – Current bar time

No. 3 IMAX – shows the trend

No. 4 Braintrend sig – arrows warning of a trend change

No. 5 A.A. HHLL – support and resistance levels, where a reversal may occur

No. 6 MTF CCI bar – trend filter consisting of 5 colors: – Blue = strong buy signal – Dark blue = buy – Bright red = strong sell signal – Dark red = sell – Grey = do not trade

No. 7Wick – green and yellow bars show the signal strength level

No. 8 HBO – White, Yellow, Green bars confirm signal strength

No. 9 Volume average – grey bars show the volumes

No. 10 GP trend – filter for STRENGHT

No. 11 My forex VQ – white and yellow arrows show stochastic direction

No. 12 Absolute Strenght – indicator line

To work with this system you should carefully study the behavior of all indicators. The decision is made when all or most of the indicators are the same.

Система торговли на рынке Форекс «Super Apit 8»

Example of opening a position to buy. It is possible to buy at occurrence of a white arrow, dark blue, dark-blue and green bars. The moving averages must intersect upwards.

Система торговли на рынке Форекс «Super Apit 8»

Sell after the yellow arrow appears, provided the red bars appear. The Dark Reds only warn of a possible change in trend. The signal strength depends on the height of the bar.

Система торговли на рынке Форекс «Super Apit 8»

An example of a flute when trading is not recommended. Although the arrows appear, the grey bars warn that there is no trend.

The stoploss is usually installed behind a local extremum. Transactions are closed when the bar color changes to the opposite.

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