Forex trading system “SHI Channel trading system”

The “SHI Channel trading” system is designed for trading any currency pairs on the Forex market. The trading time can be any, but the timeframe is only 15 minutes. All system indicators are written for the Metatrader terminal, so you will need to choose a broker who can trade with this terminal. Depending on the trading style, the duration of the transaction may vary from 15 minutes to several hours. The system can be used aggressively for scalping and conservatively for intraday trading. As the system name suggests, it is based on the “SHI Channel” indicator. The system template contains two modifications of this indicator – “SHI Channel Fast” and “SHI Channel Force”. “SHI Channel Fast” is displayed in white lines and “SHI Channel Force” in red. Comparing the direction of these channels or their intersection helps to identify entry points into the market. Another important indicator of the system is “Perky asctrend”, which shows possible entry points with blue and pink dots. The “Demark indicator” draws an auxiliary local channel with blue lines, and the “MTF Psar” indicator with purple dots confirms the direction and determines possible stop levels. The main chart is equipped with the information indicator “EJ Candle”, which shows the time remaining until the closing of the current candlestick. The bottom window of the terminal contains filtering indicators “SnakeForce”, “Laguerre” and “TrendStrength”. Although trading takes 15 minutes, it is recommended to check the general direction on the four-hour chart.

This screenshot shows that all parameters indicate an upward movement. The red rising channel crosses the white line upwards. The blue point of the “Perky asctrend” indicator appeared, the “Demark indicator” channel is directed upwards, and all filtering indicators confirm the direction, as they are above zero line. The “MTF Psar” indicator is below the price, thus strengthening the signal.

The four-hour graph confirms the direction. The big red and blue channels are directed upwards, the price has broken the upper limit of the small channel, the blue point of the “Perky asctrend” indicator has appeared and the filtering indicators are rising above the zero line.

There’s a downward movement going on here. You can sell after a pink dot appears, because the white channel is directed downwards and the filtering indicators fall below zero line. In this case, the position is closed after the price rose above the points of the indicator “MTF Psar”, and the indicator “Laguerre” rose above zero line On the four-hour chart, the large red channel shows the downward direction, so if possible, you can resume the sale.The stoploss in this system is set at the level of “MTF Psar” indicator points. Positions are closed depending on the Take Profit trading style or when changing the indicator readings.Download system files