Forex trading system “PZ Swing Trading”

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Forex trading system “PZ Swing Trading”


The trading system “PZ Swing Trading” is developed for swinging trading on the Forex market. The time frame can be selected from 15 minutes to a day. It is recommended to trade major currency pairs, although you can use any of them. This system is based on a single indicator “PZ Swing Trading”.

PZ Swing Trading is the first indicator designed to identify swings in the trend direction and possible reversals. The indicator studies several vectors of price and time to track the final direction of the trend. It finds moments when the market is overbought or resold and ready for correction.

Swinging trading is a special style, when a trader buys, when currency weakens and sells, when a financial instrument is strong. In this case, the technical analysis is needed to determine when the wave of sales or purchases ends

A swing trader captures the very beginning of the trend and trades until the next turn. This is the most effective way to make money in any financial market. The trading system is really simple, any beginner can use it. Before you start trading, you need to find out how to choose a forex broker.

This indicator is shown on the chart by waves above and below the price. In an upward trend, these waves appear below the price and vice versa. In addition, blue and red arrows appear, which are the signal generators. Buy when the blue arrow points up and sell when the red arrow points down.

Shopping conditions:

– The “PZ Swing Trading” indicator formed a blue wave.

– The blue arrow appeared below the price.

– The price has risen above the wave.

Система для торговли на рынке Форекс «PZ Swing Trading»

Here is an example of a purchase on chart H4. After the blue arrow appeared, the price rose above the blue wave. Stop-loss is set below the nearest minimum. The position is closed when a red bar appears.

Sales conditions:

– The “PZ Swing Trading” indicator formed a red wave.

– Above the price, there’s a red shooter.

– The price has fallen below the waveСистема для торговли на рынке Форекс «PZ Swing Trading»

This shows the sale on the hourly schedule. After the red arrow appeared, the price fell below the red wave. Stop-loss is set above the nearest maximum. The position is closed when the blue bar appears.

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