Forex trading system “Pip Puller Trading System”

Pip Puller Trading System is a universal trading system based on Metatrader terminal indicators. It is suitable for all timeframes above 15 minutes and for all currency pairs. The principle of working on different timeframes is the same, but the goals are different. In intraday trading on chart M15 it is from 10 to 50 pips on the trade. In case of medium-term trade – 100-150 points. Key indicators: WMA 5, Parabolic SAR, Laguerre-1 and Laguerre-2. Stochastic (5, 3, 14), MACD, AC and AO oscillators are used to filter and confirm signalsShopping conditions:

  • – When WMA 5 changes its slope upwards.
  • – The SAR parabolic appears below the newly opened candle.
  • – AC changes the color to green, and is going to cross the line 0 or cross it.
  • – AO also becomes green.
  • – Laguerre-1 (green, Gamma 0.6) goes up, and Laguerre-2 (Red, Gamma 0.8) still stays below.
  • – Stochastic (5, 3, 14) is not below ‘0’, the line or blue line crosses the red line upwards.
  • – MACD green line crosses the red line from below, and below ‘0’, the line and bar graph appear above zero line

The conditions for sales are similar, but with opposite colors and tilts.The EMA555 moving average is used to install the stop loss in this system. The level of profit depends on the duration of trading. It is recommended to close deals when the opposite signal appears.Download system files