Forex trading system “Gurusomu Forex Trading System”

Universal trading system “Gurusomu” is based on the famous Japanese indicator “Ishimoku”. It can be used on small timeframes up to 30 minutes for scalping and short-term trading. For medium and long term trading it is necessary to analyze charts from 1 hour and higher. Any currency pairs and any trading time are suitable for this system. Naturally, for scalping it is necessary to choose the most volatile time.Ichimoku” indicator settings: Tenkan- 09, Kijun- 26, Senkou-52. In addition to the main one, the system uses several other indicators. “TTF trend trail”, “QFF- Macdv1” and “Filter” are used as signal filters. The indicators “Price”, “VH” and “Volty channel stop” work as informative.

Example of medium-term trading on an hourly chart. After the price has risen above the Ishimoku cloud and the bars have become green, we look at the filtering indicators. To meet the conditions for opening a Buy position, the “TTF trend trail” indicator should be colored blue. The “Filter” bars should turn blue and the “QFF-MacDv1” bars should turn green or dark green. Close the position when the red bar of the indicator “Filter” appears.

An example of short-term trading on chart M15. We open a position to sell after the price fell below the Ishimoku cloud, the bars became red, the indicator “TTF trend trail” was colored red. Filter” and “QFF- Macdv1” indicator bars have become red. Close the position when the blue bar of the indicator “Filter” appears.

Stops in this system are set by the “Volty channel stop” indicator.Download system files