Forex trading system “Adaptive Trader”

Adaptive Trader” system is designed for Forex trading on the principle of following the trend. Can be used for intra-day and swing trade. It is desirable to use it on timeframes for at least 15 minutes. It is possible to trade both on the main trend and on corrections. Corrections are tracked on small timeframes of 15 and 30 minutes. It is clear that you can take more movement on the older timeframes. The system is suitable for all currency pairs, indices and metals. Although I must say that gold trading on Forex is quite risky due to strong fluctuations in its rate.This very simple trading system looks complicated at first glance because of the wide range of colors used. Trading on this system is based on seven technical indicators.The “Fractal adjustable breakout” indicator is displayed with red and blue dotted lines and represents support and resistance levels drawn on fractals. The same indicator with red and blue arrows shows possible buy and sell points.More significant levels are determined by the “Support and resistance 4 hour” indicator. The trend on the current timeframe is determined by the “ABC trending” indicator displayed in red and blue dots or circles.Yellow arrows of the “Stop reversal” indicator give more accurate signals for market entry. The intersection of blue and red lines of indicators “Subtrade1” and “Subtrade2” indicates a change in the local trend. In the lower window of the terminal there is an indicator “Kubi”, which determines the moment (market acceleration)On the system chart you can see several other information tools that provide additional information about the current trend and possible reversalThis screenshot shows a sample of conditions for shopping. A yellow arrow appeared and the Kubi indicator rose above 20. The blue line of the “Subtrade2” indicator crossed the red line “Subtrade1” upwards. Blue dots of the “Fractal adjustable breakout” indicator appeared and at the same time the price broke through the red dots of this indicator. In this case, the stop-loss is set below the blue dots, and the position is closed when the next level of red dots “Fractal adjustable breakout” appears.In this case, the position to sell opens after the red circle of indicator “ABC trending” and the red arrow “Fractal adjustable breakout” appears. The red line of the indicator “Subtrade1” crossed the blue line “Subtrade2”, and the price broke through the line of blue dots. The “Kubi” indicator has fallen below zero. Stop-loss is set at the level of red dots, and the position is closed when blue dots appear.Download files