Forex trading strategy Pip accumulator

This simple and profitable system is sold on the American site for a lot of money, but our craftsmen disassembled and processed it. The strategy is used for trading on H1 and H4 timeframes. It is also recommended to use it only in the European session on pairs of Eurodollars and Pound Dollars.The system has two indicators: II_PipAccumulator and II_Prob_Hist. The first indicator shows the trend sections on the chart with green rectangles upwards and the trend downwards with red ones. In addition, red arrows appear on the sell signal and green arrows appear on the buy signal. In the upper left corner of the chart there is a very important indicator Master Probability, which is formed from the indicators of standard MetaTrader indicators. The importance of these indicators varies in percentage terms from 10 to 25. Here we can also see the current ATR readings. The II_Prob_Hist indicator, i.e. the Master Probability histogram, is located in the lower window of the terminal and displays the history of this indicator. The peculiarity of this indicator is that it works only in real timeConditions for opening a Buy position are created with the appearance of a green arrow, Master Probability equal to or greater than 20 and a green bar bar histogram. Correspondingly, the sell signal appears with a red arrow, Master Probability -20 and more, and a red bar of the histogram.The authors of the system recommend to use 2 orders with different Take Profit and Stop Loss values to enter the position. It’s like a minimum and maximum program. Green and red rectangles are used here. For the first order, the Vzustoplossom is the current value of ATR, and Take Profit is on the top side of the previous rectangle. For the second order, the Stop Loss is placed 10-20 points below the previous rectangle, and Take Profit is equal to 2 ATR values. The same is true for a Sell order: the first Take Profit on the bottom side of the rectangle and the second Stop Loss above the top border of the same rectangle. Positions are also closed without waiting for Take Profit when an arrow of the opposite color appears and the value of Master probability is near zero.Download indicatorsDownload template