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Binary options. Features, advantages and disadvantages.



The rapid growth of financial markets in recent years has led to the emergence of a huge variety of different financial instruments. Only a few years ago, a retail trader had access only to currency and share transactions, but nowadays the range of financial instruments has expanded significantly. All sorts of options, futures, stocks, bonds, P&Fs – this is a very incomplete list of possible investment options for a beginner or professional trader.


All about the Spot trade


Trading in cash on currency markets is called spot (Spot). Spots or spot transactions occupy quite a serious share of the currency market – more than a third of the total volume. This market segment is characterized by high volatility, high risk and high profitability/loss. Actually, the risks of spots are high.


Types of trading instruments


The majority of novice traders, who for the first time face financial markets, have a poor understanding of the mechanism of pricing of trading instruments, which negatively affects their profitability. As a result, trading operations on a particular instrument turns into a kind of casino in order to guess the direction of the trend and earn a few tens or hundreds of dollars on the directional movement of prices.


Cryptocurrency – as an instrument of trading at Forex market


The information noise around the cryptocurrencies, the first and most popular of which is called Bitcoin, has reached almost everyone’s ears. Approximate turnover from different sources ranges from 300 to 400 million U.S. dollars per day. The popularity of electronic money is growing exponentially. To date, more than 275 varieties of anonymous electronic money are known.


CFDs or real stocks?


Choosing a trading instrument is a rather complicated and complicated process for a novice investor. Lack of systematized information and widespread advertising of various financial instruments by various brokers are often confused and lead to spontaneous decisions. The trader ignores such important factors as personal characteristics, the amount of available capital, risk tolerance, and chooses an instrument that, according to the broker, promises incredible profits with minimal risk.