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TMS 30 – Simple intraday trading system


Australian trader Likica has modified Trading Made Simple (TMS), a well-known trading system in the West. The basis of this system is the TDI and Synergy_APB1 Alerts indicators. The M30 graph is used for input and output. However, other timeframes are also used for analysis (H1, H4, M15). The TMS 30 system is distinguished by the use of a number of other indicators that help to identify the entry and exit points more accurately

When analyzing the behavior of the TDI (Trading Dynamic Index) indicator, one should take into account the angle of inclination of the green line and its intersection with the red line.

sistema dlya torgovli na rynke foreks haos visual strategy v 1

Forex trading system “Haos Visual Strategy”v


The “Haos Visual” strategy works on the principle of finding a trend reversal. The system can be used on any timeframe, as trends can be global and local. And if on the daily chart the correction, on the hour chart it is a trend in a few days. You can trade any currency pair at the Forex market.

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Forex trading system “Pip Puller Trading System”


Pip Puller Trading System is a universal trading system based on Metatrader terminal indicators. It is suitable for all timeframes above 15 minutes and for all currency pairs. The principle of working on different timeframes is the same, but the goals are different. In intraday trading on chart M15 it is from 10 to 50 pips on the trade.

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Forex trading system “Hammer Trading System”


Forex trading system “Hammer Trading System”

This trading system is based on candlestick analysis. The Japanese hammer candlestick is one of the reversals from a downtrend to an uptrend. It has a long tail and a short body. It usually takes shape at the bottom of the downtrend.

The strength and reliability of this candle signal depends on many factors.


How to earn money on scalping?


Many traders use scalping strategies in stock exchange trading. Such a strategy implies short-term daily transactions and obtaining small income from one transaction. However, the total profit for the day is compensated by a large number of deals – sometimes up to 500 trades. Usually the trading time lasts from a few seconds to several minutes

The full list of companies that allow scalping can be found in the section – Scalping Brokers

There are still heated debates over the application of scalping strategies.