For the pound everything is positive

Events that should be paid to today: Not expected to be important macroeconomic statistics. GBPUSD: Pound has excellent opportunities to complete the trading week on a positive note, since in the interbank lending market in London there is an increase in LIBOR loans for loans in pounds. Bankers begin to recoup the future increase in the interest rate of the Bank of England. Additional support for “bulls” will provide the oil market because black gold And the US dollar historically has a reverse correlation. I expect the growth of oil quotes against the background of low black gold in repositories of Osirers. The American president Joe Biden calls his Chinese colleague Xi Jinspin to “unpack” a strategic oil reserve in its countries in order to lower oil prices, however, for the oil market, this is not a negative signal, but positive. Why? Strategic reserve is intended solely for force majeures and If you pick up oil from there now, After a month, it will have to return it there and investors understand this perfectly, which will lead to an increased demand for hydrocarbons, and the OPEC + transaction does not allow to satisfy high demand. Trading Recommendation: Buy 1.3470 / 1.3445 and Take Profit 1.3531. .