Eurusd, trading range 1.0644-1.0680

daily graph : the bulls are configured to try again to understand the resistance in zone 1.0700-1.0712 (the upper strip of the Bolinger). It should be noted that ADX activity does not fall, so they will have the chances of success. If not for one “but” – holidays.

N4 : Here the Bolinger envelopes retain the horizontal range of the 65-PUNTION RATOM, which is unlikely to be impaired.

N1 : inside the euro day is in the ascending phase of movement, which is potentially limited by the upper strip of Bolinger (1.0680). Pare support today provides level 1.0644.

Conclusions : growth to 1.0680, then rollback to 1.0644.

Trade decisions :

1. Shopping by 1.0680.

2. Sales from 1.0680 to 1.0644.