Eurusd, the market is waiting for nonfarms!

daily schedule : Critical support for the euro is at 1.0493 (Bolinger’s lower strip). If you do not take into account today’s NFT (and they cannot be taken into account), then one could confidently talk about the rebound up. However, most likely, higher volatility can wait for us.

N4 : Here the market also looks down, but the reduction of quotations is still restrained, because Investors are waiting for clarity in fundamental indicators.

H1 : Consolidation within the envelopes of the Bolinger (1.0505-1.0545). There is an extreme compression of the bands of the Bolinger, which, as a rule, is characterized by the approach of high volatility.

Conclusions : Consolidation in the range 1.0505-1.0545 before the news is released, and then the pulse in any direction.

Trade decisions :

1. Trade in the range 1.0505-1.0545.

2. Trade on a breakdown of the range 1.0505-1.0545.