Eurusd, euro growth limit – 1.0431

daily graph : the couple remains in the area of ​​the hourly middle lanes of the Bolinger 1.0344-1.0365. The ADX indicator, at the same time, demonstrates the presence of trend potential.

N4 : the ascending phase of movement is limited by the resistance of 1.0431 (upper boundary of the envelopes of the Bolinger’s envelopes). From this zone it will be possible to expect a turn down to 1.0300 again.

N1 : an attempt to break through the upper envelope of the Bollinger occurs against the background of the growing ADX. From the support zone 1.0344 (the midline of the Bolinger) can be considered purchases In the calculation of movement to 1.0431.

Conclusions : growth to 1.0431. Previously, rollback is possible by 1.0344.

Trade decisions : purchases from 1.0344 to 1.0431.